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    5 Reasons Tim Drake Is The Best Robin? Jason Todd Created Him

    5 Reasons Tim Drake is the Best Robin. Jason Todd Created Tim Drake

    While Tim Drake’s Robin origin may not be exactly the same as it is on the Titans, it still gives us what fans most love about Tim Drake’s Robin. Already in the first episode, fans got a taste of the new Robin sidekick, Tim Drake. The episode showed him as one of the biggest Batman and Robin fan boys. Additionally, Drake also had a lot of good in him without much of the major troubled past as previous Robins. Of course, that is until Jason Todd’s actions orchestrated his tragic origin story.

    How Does Jason Todd Create His Origin?

    Does Jason Todd
    Jason Todd creates Tim Drake by distributing the drug that results in having Drake’s parents killed. Via Titans, HBO Max

    Jason Todd has died, reborn into the Red Hood Via Lazarus’ pit and with the help of a special fear toxin that inhibits fear, he is out of control. While disobeying Crane, and distributing the current form of the drug, that he is now addicted to, Todd starts the chain of events. Those events lead to Tim Drake’s Robin because it results in Drake’s father being murdered by Todd’s new drug recruits.

    Batman & Tim Drake’s Robin

    When we last saw Batman, he was beside himself. He had just killed Joker and finally come to conclusion via Dick Grayson that he shouldn’t mentor anyone. So how will Batman’s and Drake’s paths meet? And, how will this Tim Drake’s Robin be used in the Titans? And just how did he manage to deduce Batman’s and Nightwing’s secret identity?

    5 Reasons Why Tim Drake May Just the Best Robin Yet

    Reasons Why Tim
    Tim Drake’s Origin story. Jason Todd. Titans season 3. 5 reasons Tim Drake is the best Robin. Via Titans, Wb, DC Comics

    Tim Drake’s Robin is

    1. Morally Grounded

    Unlike his predecessors, he has not been exposed to criminal elements, and has a good moral compass which may challenge Batman’s natural inclination into the morally gray.  While Grayson may have started that way, he’s too much like Bruce and has not managed to preserve that moral good compass uncorrupted.

    2. Intellectual

    Tim Drake’s Robin is super smart, has great deductive skills, and a great memory. His father, who was a cop, taught him how to investigate and shoot a weapon. Drake has even managed to deduce Batman’s and Nightwing’s secret identity. Keep in mind, this was all before he meets Batman; therefore, those skills are bound to get sharper.

    3. Not Vengeful

    Again, unlike the previous Robins and still having lost his father, he is not out for vengeance in the same way the previous Robins were. Or as in Batman who literally says, “I am Vengeance.” Rather than wanting to kill the person responsible, he wants to join the superheroes to protect Gotham.

    4.  Good Instincts

    As a civilian, Drake manages to stay one step ahead of the Titans and both Grayson and Todd. Likewise, Drake is able to do basic stakeouts and make good guesses and inferences on the fly.

    5. Pure of Heart

    The young Robin wannabe has not been jaded from the world or the job of a vigilante. In fact, he still has that pure fanboy love for the job that superheroes do. Thus, he would probably hold them to a higher standard to be role models. Because at the end of the day, he just wants to be one of the good guys.


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