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    5 Of The Most Controversial Rap Songs Ever

    Hip-hop is a genre that is often used to express and vocalize dissent. However, some songs are more provocative than others. Here are five of the most controversial rap songs of all time.

    1. Immortal Technique Rhymes about Immoral Activity

    The dramatic narrative is rapped over a beat that samples the theme from Love Story (1970). William or “Billy” ends up breaking his own mother’s jaw among other things in an effort to win over his business associates’ cold hearts. It does not work, and unfortunately both Billy and his mother end up passing away by the end of the song.

    “I once knew a ***** whose real name was William/His primary concern was making a million/Being the illest hustler that the world ever seen/He used to **** movie stars and sniff c*ke in his dreams!”

    2. R. Kelly Details His “Weekend” Fantasies

    “Cristal poppin’ in the stretch Navigator.” Genius calls this track, “R. Kelly’s personal reflection on pleasure.” With lines about living a hedonistic and fancy lifestyle, I can see why.

    3. Marlon Craft Depicts A White Cop’s Gang Lifestyle

    Craft raps, “And I think my life do matter more/seen too many of these people kill without remorse” from the point of view of a police officer in an urban neighborhood. By empathizing with the voices of others, Craft gets philosophical about the nature of relationships in America.

    4. Childish Gambino Addresses America’s Gun Violence Problem

    This controversial smash hit is by a literary MC. Gambino is also (among other things) a comedian and a writer. “Get your money, Black man!”

    5. Don’t Believe What The Media Tells You

    “The minute they see me, fear me/I’m the epitome, a public enemy!” It is unclear whether the group is saying that they epitomize fear or being an outlaw. Either way, don’t believe the hype!

    Did your favorite controversial rap song make the list? Do you think that rap is more controversial than other genres? Let us know by leaving a comment!



    1. Public Enemy- right on! Old school all the way! And that Childish Gambino Video- gives me deep chills every time I watch it. Your question: Is rap more controversial than other genres- maybe. But don’t blame the rap music industry- it’s simply trying to process all that evil that was projected onto it in the first place. Heavy metal is pretty controversial, isn’t it? I mean they straight up court the devil in their lyrics, don’t they?! Shaina Kanter, you write so well. You bring a whole other level to understanding music that often may go unrecognized and under appreciated.

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