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    5 Iconic Anime Transformations That Made Your Jaw Drop

    Almost every major anime has a transformation.

    Transformations have always been a major fan favorite in anime. No matter if it’s from the protagonist or the antagonist. It’s always something that fans have always enjoyed. Heck, even Frezas multiple transformations were something to look forward to. Especially when he told us that form 3 wasn’t even his final one.

    5 Iconic Anime Transformations-1

    But besides him, there are a ton of great form changes that we at Hypefresh enjoyed. Here are our top five form changes in anime (Spoiler Alert).

    5. Adult Gon (Hunter x Hunter)

    5 Iconic Anime Transformations-3

    (Adult Gon from anime: Hunter x Hunter)

    Ok, I was displeased at myself that this transformation was number 5 on the list. Hence, the only reason why its number 5 is because the transformation took so much from Gon, that there was an arc to keep him alive because of it. This transformation so far was a one-time thing, and that’s why it’s number five on the list.

    Even though it is last. The scenes that transpire before and after the transformation were breathtaking. It was dark, sad, and violent all at the same time. Best of all, it was unexpected. After Gon transforms and appears in front of Pitou like a god appearing to mortals; things get so gritty and gory, that you feel bad for Pitou at the end. You can sense how calm Gon is before his and Pitou’s final fight and that the only thing that’s coming from him is bloodlust. I don’t want to go into detail because this is a transformation that you will have to see for yourself to appreciate its dark beauty (click the link to watch fight).

    4. 8 Gates Might Guy (Naruto)

    5 Iconic Anime Transformations-4

    (Might Guy 8 Gates form: Naruto Shippuuden) 

    Might Guy has always been a goofy ninja that can get serious in the Naruto universe. But fans were astonished when he got really serious in his fight with Madara. Might Guy’s transformation was perfect timing. The scene, the reason, and the dialogue were just perfect for this bushy eyebrow ninja to take flight. Along with his crazy movements, Might guy unleased crazy air pressure punches that would amaze Deku and All-Might both. It sure did get Madaras’s attention. Not only were the air pressure punches fantastic, but just the flashy and powerful animal title moves made fans all over the world glued their eyes to what device they were watching this fight on.

    Even though Might Guy didn’t defeat Madara, he gave us a good fight and cherishable moment, on what it means to knowingly sacrifice your life to save the ones you love. Thanks, Might Guy(click the link to watch fight).

    3. Hollow Form Ichigo (Bleach)

    5 Iconic Anime Transformations-5

    Ichigo Kurosaki is one of anime’s most epic protagonists and one who holds as many forms as Goku. His forms in the series Bleach are mindblowing, but not one was as brutal and fun to watch as when he transforms into the thing he hunts, a hollow. In his fight with Ulquiorra, Ichigo was getting destroyed; I mean, at death’s door destroyed. Until Ichigo’s will to protect his friends, allow his hollow powers to take control and help win his battle against Ulquiorra.

    Unfortunately, Ichigo can’t control this form until later on in the manga. What? You should have read it by now.

    2. Super Saiyan Goku ( Dragonball Z)

    5 Iconic Anime Transformations-6

    (Super Saiyan Goku: Dragonball Z)

    Sorry Goku, you are not number one. But your transformation is one of the greatest at its debut. Trigger, from the death of his best friend Krillin, a defeated Goku, looks as Freiza uses his psychic powers to float Krillin in the air and destroys him. After seeing that, Goku’s emotions and S-cells (Saiyan Cells) boil up and turned him into the legendary Super Saiyan.

    After transforming, Goku made easy work of Frieza and was able to return to earth with no problems. Except a metal Frieza waiting for him… a group of androids that wants to destroy him and a heart disease that could have killed him. See no problems.

    1. Armor and Colossal Titan (Attack on Titans)

    5 Iconic Anime Transformations-7

    (Reiner Braun & Bertolt Hoover Human form: Attack on Titan)

    There is no greater betrayal than in this scene of Attack on Titan. Looking for the ones responsible for destroying their home, Eren and the rest of his unit finds out that their fellow members Reiner & Bertolt are the titans that cause that attack.

    This transformation reaches number one because it was not only the transformation that was great. The setup and the expression of the other characters are what gave it the push to beat Goku. Seeing Reiner and Bertolt team’s shock after finding out who they are, hurt even the fans. You see them grow and develop into “friends,” but turn out to be spies. It hurt not only Eren but the viewers watching.

    Alright, people that are our top 5 anime transformations. Please, if you don’t agree or have an honorable mention, comment below and let us know and make sure to check other Hypefresh articles.


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