49ers Teammates Want Colin Kaepernick Benched (For The Moment)

Colin Kaepernick benched

Some San Francisco 49ers teammates want Colin Kaepernick benched after losing their last game making them 2-6.

Jason Cole from Bleacherreport.com reports that some of Kaepernick’s teammates sent text messages explaining their current frustrations. Cole is reporting that the team wants to bench Kaepernick needs time to sit back, get his mind right, and get understand what the offense is trying to do on the field.

“Two 49ers players texted me and said after this game that it is time for Colin Kaepernick to be benched. This game lost to the Rams was the tipping point in a series of events that have been building and building and building to this point,” Cole reports. “What these players say is they don’t want Kaepernick’s to be out of the plans for the 49ers. But simply put they think he needs time on the bench to clear his head, get himself straight so he understands what the offense is trying to do and what he can do to make it work.”


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