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    Taraji Plans To Bring The Laughs In What Men Want Remake

    Back in 2000, Mel Gibson’s “What Women Want”, did phenomenal at the box office.

    Now Paramount pictures is looking to duplicate the success of romantic comedy with a few moderations. The remake will star actor Tajai P. Henson, and will open around Valentine’s Day in 2019.  A preview trailer has been released to push the promotion of the film.

    The film centers around Henson who is a sports agency executive dealing with a male-dominated office where she is overlooked. Despite her sex appeal she’s not able to hold the interest of men.  As in the original story, Taraji acquires the ability to read men’s thoughts after an accident when she has hit her head.

    After the freak accident, she notices that she is able to read her assistant, colleagues, and other men’s minds. Henson uses this gift to her advances while learning what’s the desires of men’s hearts. The film is written by Tina Gordon from “ATL” the movie, and Jas Water from “This is us”, while being directed by Adam Shankman. The move will officially release on February 8th.

    What Women Want gross $374 million worldwide against a $70 million budget back in 2000, when it hit the box office.

    Cameo features in What Men Want will include Aldis Hodge, Shaq, Mark Cuban, Tracy Morgan, Erykah Badu, and Pete Davidson.

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