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Keneshia Douglas Calls Out Cardi For “Similar Styles” In Fashion Nova

Keneshia Douglas Calls Out Cardi

Keneshia Douglas Vs. Cardi B

At the moment Cardi B is living on top of the world. After smashing critics, and expectations with her debut album Cardi has been on a roll. The rapper from New York has established herself as a hip-hop great in such a short period of time due to her personality, and also her business mind.

After locking down a deal with Steve Madden, Cardi went on to launch a collection through Fashion Nova. As expected her collection sold out almost instantly, which is a plus for the rapper as she just brought her mom a big house the other week.

However, some people were not exactly impressed with Cardi’s line, and chose to speak out about it. That would include the singer Ashanti’s sister “Keneshia Douglas”, who claims that one of her older designed seemed to have a heavy influence on one of Cardi’s matching sets.

In Cardi fashion, she made sure to address the issue in an appropriate manner, if this was a couple of years ago it might have been a different outcome regarding Cardi’s response.


Kardi responded: “I’ve said plenty of times that my life was inspired by many of my favorite designers! Including this one! Inspired by one of my favorite designers and good friends LaQuan Smith! Sweetie I don’t know You!”

Some social media spectators chimed in taking Douglas side regarding the matter. Coming to Douglas aide they said this about Cardi’s clothing line:

“Bitter bi#tches on here, when you work hard on something & your hard work gets ripped off you have all rights to be upset PERIODT! @liltuneshi girl fuck them your best revenge will be your success I like yours better.”

Another person on social media had this to say  “All these negative comments, and there’s literal proof that the design is similar almost identical to your design. I’m a designer myself, so I understand how it would feel to have designs stolen from you with no credit given. Originality always wins! Stay focused and use your God-given talent to the fullest! Inspire and shine on!”Not sure they want to beef with Cardi at the moment, she’s a monster when it comes to the drama!!


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