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    Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner Share Baby Portraits

    It’s the holiday portraits season!!

    Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have reached a milestone in their relationship. The two are celebrating their first Thanksgiving together as parents to their daughter Stormi.

    Just last year many people were in shock to learn thatKylie was pregnant. Travis Scott has had a phenomenal year with the release of his album “ASTROWORLD”, it is arguably considered one of the best albums for 2018.

    The two took to Instagram to celebrate the achievement of their new family by sharing portrait photos.


    Kylie shared a picture classic black and white photo of herself, Travis Scott and Stormi Webster on Instagram.

    Earlier this year the family went to their first Halloween outing. Both shared on social media. Towards the end of October, the couple dropped around $13.45 M, on a new mansion in Beverly Hills.

    We’re happy for their family.



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