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    Lanez Is Ready For Sparring With Pusha??!! He Wants The Smoke!!

    Tory Lanez has been feeling as of lately. The singer/rapper has already been known to produce mad energy on club records.

    Now Lanez wants his respect on the lyrical front and is willing to prove his credibility to an extent. Earlier this week he opened that door by stating that he can hang with the lyrical greatness of Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, and Joyner Lucas.

    The slick talking Lanez allowed people to weigh in by doing all of this over Instagram, he even dropped a freestyle less than 24 hours after Lucas acknowledged the challenge for the exchange of lyrics.

    Everyday Struggle participant “DJ Akademiks”, decided to stir up trouble stating that it would interesting for him and Pusha-T to go at it.

    “Na bruh.. after hearing that last Tory song.. he feeling himself too much lyrically.. we need someone to humble him,” Akademiks’ caption reads. “If he battled PUSHA T. Who y’all think would win????”

    Tory Lanez couldn’t help but to take the bait, and gave his two cents on the comment:

    “I love Push… but the way I would smoke him would be unfair,” Lanez replied before challenging King Push to engage in a playful rap fade like the one with Lucas.

    “Matter of fact tell him to set it up too,” Lanez wrote. “We are accepting all smoke.”

    Lanez is definitely out here campaigning to be respected as one of the lyrical best. We can only hope that he is able to live up to what he pronounces himself to be. But we gotta give Tory the respect because no one else is out here calling out rappers for the hell of it.

    Regardless of what might happen, Tory is on his way to being at the of the hill when it comes to artistry. Lanez has been consistent on the charts, with music, and is one of the most versatile artist out at the moment.



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