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    Fiddy I Know You Ain’t Gonna Let Ebro Do You Like That!!

    For years Ebro has spoken out against what has tour NYC apart.

    We’ve seen many artists come from New York with the potential, but always end up in legal issues and even jail. Years ago when 50 Cent was in his prime, Ebro blamed the savvy artist from Jamaica Queens for destroying the rap game.

    The humorous artist always had found ways to entertain rap fans with his disrespectful ways to taunt and humiliate artist. That became a long list as 50 took aim at Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Shine, Cam’ron, Jadakiss, Rick Ross, and plenty more.

    In more ways than one we’ve all had the same thought “How does this guy stay out of prison”. The self-made millionaire has a knack getting under people skin, and we’ve yet to see Fiddy take a real loss. But we may have someone that has finally called out the Get Rich Or Die Tryin artist on his bullshit.

    Most recently we’ve seen another artist with the same mentality of Fiddy, get into alot of trouble. That artist is none other than the self-proclaimed “King Of New York” Tekashi 6ix9ine. Ebro has taken the issue seriously and warned the youth to take away a valuable lesson from 6ix9ine’s current situation.

    Some how, some way it seems as though Ebro had received intel through law enforcement NYPD. 50 Cent didn’t waste no time speaking his mind on the situation, addressing his issues as always on Instagram.

    Ebro has snapped back at ‘Fif, claiming that he’s just doing his job. “Stop being a weirdo @50cent,” wrote Ebro on an Instagram post of his own. “I work for a media company and help people get info, I’m hiding nothing.” Making a bold move, Ebro then plays on the decade old rumor that Fif has been working for the police himself. “You seem to never get in trouble, but everyone around you does? Peculiar,” concluded the Hot 97 host. This won’t end here.


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