Damn Toni, You Fucking Up Big Time!!! You Lost The Ring

Damn Toni

Where’s the ring Toni??!!

Money is being thrown down the drain.

It seems as though Birdman can’t catch a break!! Most recently Birdman attempted to collect items from a mansion in Miami that went into foreclosure. He was startled to find out that several of his prized possessions was locked away in storage until he’s able to pay back what is owed.

Now we have come to find out that Toni Braxton may have possibly lost her very very expensive engagement ring. The expensive piece may have been lost during her travels on Delta Airline. The veteran singer jumped on Twitter to publicly ask for Delta Airline help to recover her Louis Vuitton train case.

Shortly after, Braxton got back on Twitter to announce that she has recovered her travel bag, but quick panic came when she confirmed that her engagement ring was missing.

Toni then went over to Instagram asking that however may have her prized possession return it sooner than later.  We can only imagine how Birdman feels at the moment, he could have pawned the ring and maybe got some of his items back.


  1. […] addition, his wife to be, singer Toni Braxton lost her ring at the airport. We also cannot forget about his mansion in Miami being foreclosed, and valuable […]


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