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    Lanez Declare War Against Joyner Lucas With “Lucky You Freestyle”

    Lanes Vs. Lucas
    Whoever thought that Tory Lanez was light when it came to the flow.. you are sadly mistaken!!!

    The singer/rapper started an uproar earlier this week when he stated that he could hold his own against rappers like Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, and Joyner Lucas. It didn’t take too long for Joyner Lucas to speak his mind and officially give Joyner Lucas an official rap challenge.

    If you know Tory, he never had an issue with providing that he has the juice when it comes to his musical ability. Less than 24 hours later and Tory Lanez dropped the “Lucky You Freestyle”. From the opening to the end of the freestyle Lanez bought the fire and didn’t ease up at any point. The original song is featured on Eminem’s Kamikaze along with Joyner Lucas.

    “Is he really that bad that I gotta hit him with a bigger gat/Matter of fact riddle me that/I’m literally at the spot that he said he’d be at, but where is he at?”

    We’re not sure where this is heading, but don’t expect Lanez to back down any time soon. The confident multi-talented artist knew he had to back up his original statement regarding Joyner.

    “The Joyner kid? He’s nice, but he can’t fuck with me,” Lanez said. “Not on no level, period.”

    Lucas replied with, “@torylanez if your so confident my guy, let’s pick a beat. you spit your hardest bars over it and [I’ll] do the same. [We’ll] let the people decide who ain’t fucking with who. Then we will pick a date and time and you present your version and I’m present my version. Same exact beat so it’s fair.

    “If your not willing to step up and accept my proposal then don’t ever say no silly shit like ‘bar for bar Joyner Lucas ain’t fucking with me’ ever again in your life. tag the comedian @torylanez I love the confidence but stop it bro.”

    We’ll be watching from afar, but certainly ready to give our input at a moment’s notice.

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