Melo To Still Get Paid Despite Parting Ways

The stint of Carmelo Anthony on the Houston Rockets has officially come to an end.

Just yesterday the Rockets made the announcement that they would be parting ways with the 34-year-old veteran. Since the addition of Melo Houston never found their groove with the former Syracuse star on the court. Carmelo faced career low’s in just about every category, never becoming the offensive weapon expected to overthrow the Golden State Warriors.

Early last week it was reported that the decision to sever ties was made 10 games into the season after Houston started off with a horrible record. Carmelo is technically due to 2.4 million dollars on the season. Houston has no plans at the moment to officially waive Carmelo, as time will be given to his agent to find the most suitable place for Melo.

James Harden and Chris Paul will continue to lead the Houston Rockets in spite of missing an intricate piece to a complete team. At the end of last season, Trevor Ariza went on and signed with another team. Houston will need to find more offensive players that can create there own shot, along with defensive minded players.

A possible destination for Carmelo would be the Miami Heat, as his friend Dwayne Wade is in his final year before retirement. A team out in Puerto Rico has also offered a position for Carmelo to play as well.


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