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    Katt Williams On Tough Times With IRS

    Katt Williams hasn’t been doing so good in the last couple of years.

    From hardly being on the big screen to facing legal issues what the previous comedic star has been dealing with as of late. One of his big issues at the moment deals with Uncle Same. According to The Blast, Mr. Comedian owes the Georgia Department of Revenue unpaid tax money from 2015 and 2016. It’s reported that $189.043.63 for 2105, and $119,002.22 for 2016.

    The interest of $29K, along with penalty fees, and collection fees raise it to over $300K. Mr. Williams will also have to pay out money over a dispute where he assaulted a man by the name of Tyrell Williams back in 2016. A court hearing is set to determine the amount having to be paid.

    It seems as though Mr. Williams better days are behind him, however, it can hopefully be turned around.

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