T.I. Give’s Gems that That Will Make You Think!!

T.I. has always been known for two things, getting money and making sure his family is straight!

The former street trapper turned rapper then actor and businessman have always been known for dropping gems. We’ve seen Mr. Harris in a transparent light when it comes to dealing with his loved one on T.I. & Tiny’s Family Hustle.

“Do you know how much work goes into making this much money,” T.I. asks his kids in the video below, as he holds a stack of $17K. “Do you know that there are certain people who don’t make this much money in a year?”  After he tells his son that it only took him two hours to make that cash, he explains how it took him years to get to that point. “It took years to put myself in a position to where it only took me an hour or two to get this money. You have to work your way up to that position and it takes hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.”

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  1. […] T.I., Cardi B, and Chance the Rapper are on the search for the next big thing. The three are helping to bring a new hip-hop themed show coming to Netflix called Rhythm + Flow. It’s a a competitive reality-music show, and it’s expected to debut in Fall 2019. There’s still no official host, but Tip, Cardi, and Chance will serve as three of the confirmed judges. […]


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