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    Dame Dash House Withstand Wildfire

    In the early 2000’s Dame Dash was apart of one of the biggest movements in hip-hop history.

    The legendary Roca-Fella CEO, along with Jay-Z, and Kareem Biggs Burke made classic hits that still are iconic today. After leaving Roca-Fella, Dame went on to own art galleries around the world, create an independent platform for artists, and even make his own liquor.

    We love the businessman that Dame Dash is, as he continues to be an inspiration to those looking to venture out for themselves. However this past week, the mogul was apart of something that continues to destroy Northern California in a natural sense.

    Since late last week, wildfires have engulfed several large parts of Northern California, leaving people having to evacuate with little to no notice. Celebrities such as The Kardashians, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and Caitlyn Jenner, had to leave while watching smoke, and heat fills the air. Some may have lost it all, while others are still waiting for the clear to return back to there homes to see what is left.

    One of the central parts of the wildfire is taking place in Malibu, California. The first became so aggressive that it spread along the Pacific Coast Highway, burning down every house in the area except for Dame Dash.

    Earlier yesterday morning, Dash was transparent in regards to the evacuation, and his family driving through the fire.

    Read more about the wildfire below:


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