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    Waka Flocka Look’s To Mend With Gucci Mane

    Waka To Make Amends

    The world of entertainment has arguably seen some it’s greatest moments when artist is able to reconcile.

    One of the most devastating splits in this era was Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane. The disconnect happened around the same time Gucci was set to serve time behind bars. Once the disses came it was clear that whatever the misunderstanding was would take its toll on the relationship.

    Since serving his time, Gucci Mane has moved in a more positive direction, and living his best life. The world embraced Gucci on all levels once he returned to the music scene, with some of the top artists at the time doing songs in celebration of his release.

    It now seems that Waka Flocka is looking for the two artist to clear the air and possibly resolve the issues once and for all.  Waka hit up Instagram to send the message to Gucci, leaving the world hype as ever regarding what could come about.

    “Aye Gucci, let’s chat, sit the f**k down. All that playin’ is over with. You know how to get me, big dawg. You call me,” Flocka shared on Instagram.

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