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    40 oz Van X Vintage Frames Collection Is A Great Mixture

    Long time collaborators 40oz Van & Corey Shapiro aka Vintage Frames have teamed up for their highly anticipated vintage eye wear project. Which I think is my all time favorite because they have colors. Vintage Frames is known for his signature gold rimmed glasses. 40oz Van has a 24kt gold plated model, which is a true luxury vintage tradition. These frames are produced with the Vintage Frames Company, which comes in a variety of four specialty dipped lenses only available with this particular Vintage Frames initiative. With a total of forty frames produced, each individual 40oz Van x Vintage Frames Sunglasses are numbered along with a personally signed authenticity card. Which means that you will be the only person with that certain pair of authentic pair of shades.

    Vintage Frames Company are truly dedicated to providing their customers with the most unique Vintage Sunglasses options in the world .With their constant effort on trying to push the limit to how their glasses are produced and worn, they always want their clients to strive for individuality.

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