Nicki Minaj Hair Stylist Get’s The Smoke On Social Media

Nicki Minaj Hair Stylist

Nicki Minaj is perhaps the biggest female rap artist in the last five years. Her fans are just as rough as Beyonce’s.

This past Sunday Nicki was in attendance to the MTV European Music Awards. A large group of familiar faces was there. The main topic buzzing around on social media was about Nicki’s hairstyle. The short blond wig wasn’t up to par with what Nicki’s fan base expected.

The talk became so bad that her hairstylist Tae (A.K.A. Arrogant Tae) had to delete his social media page. Before deleting the page, he received rounds of fire on Instagram and Twitter.

Protect Your ENERGY…Some of yall miserable asses need to live n be happy! Some of y’all don’t have no life in y’all, y’all try n put on these acts to be somebody y’all not or try n plese ppl n kiss they ass,” he wrote. “like nahhh!!! Be f**king you n do wtf you want n if a mf ain’t plesaed with, tell they ass ‘ADIOS’”

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