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    It’s Disney….We’re Talking A Couple Billion

    Two legendary emcee’s have seemed to join forces in a big way.

    TMZ has reported that LL Cool J and Ice Cube are looking to buy several large sports channels. The two are apart of a financially healthy group looking to bid on up to 22 regional sports channels.

    With the direction that Disney was going, they were looking to buy everything in their sight. This included 21st Century Fox, however, lawmakers created resistance for the billion dollar company as Disney already owns ESPN.

    The Justice Department made sure to push there weight around and force Disney to sell all the sports station they have acquired. At the moment one particular station that is up for grabs is the “Yes Network”. It provides plenty of interest as the network broadcast Yankee games.

    Disney claims that the “Yes Network”, is between $5 and $6 billion. However, people expect the package of the 22 sports channels to be in the range of $15 to $25 billion.  LL Cool J and Ice Cube capital group includes Carolyn Rafaelian. Initial bids for the channels will begin on November 8th.

    Disney already has the Marvel Universe, ESPN, and Star Wars, which makes them an influencer by nature. The company also announced that they would be starting a streaming service which is bad news for Netflix.


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