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    4 People Dead After Shooting At Backyard Football Party

    10 people were shot, 4 fatally after someone shot up a football watch party in Fresno California.

    a football watch party ended horribly after someone opened fire into the backyard the party was being held at. NFL fans gathered at a home in Fresno California to watch the Rams vs The bears game. However, gunmen ruined the night when someone shot the party up.

    According to authorities around 30-35 people were gathered in a backyard for a football watch party. When all of a sudden at least one person randomly started shooting into the gathered crowd. Overall 10 people were shot, 3 people died on the scene from their wounds and a 4th later died at the hospital.

    All of the victims are Asian men between the ages of 25-35 years old. As of now the motive of the shooting is unknown and appears to be a random act of violence. However police arent’ ruling out the possibility that the shooting is gang-related.

    Police are canvassing the area to see if any surveillance videos in the area can help to identify the shooter/shooters.  This latest mass shooting is the second in the last week in the state of California. Just last week a 16-year-old student shot and killed 2 people at his high school in Santa Clarita California.

    These shootings are part of a common theme in America that have many people to callling for stricter gun laws.

    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi issued a statement regarding the shooting stating “enough is enough”

    The gun law debate is a constant issue in American Politics. Yet not much progress has been made to bring real change. Supporters of the second amendment argue about the constitutional right to bear arms. However, that has less to do with today’s current issue with guns and how many mass shootings are happening in this country. Add in the fact the money side of the argument and how much influence big gun companies have over politicians.

    One can clearly see it’s less about the right to bear arms than it’s about the right to bear profits.

    What do you guys think? Do we need stricter gun laws or stricter rules on lobbying in politics?

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