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    3 Ways to Fight Racial Inequality & Police Brutality

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    People have taken to the streets for their voices to be heard. The recent murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery cannot be unseen. Racism and police brutality have been issues within the United States for far too long. These recent events have brought things to a boiling point once again.

    Protesting is a great way for you to get out and stand up for equal rights. There is no one right answer in the fight for equality, but steps must be taken. These aren’t the only ways to get involved, but attempting to improve politics is necessary more now than ever. The below list offers possible ways to bring change to the government and legislation.

    3 Possible Ways to Fight for Equality/End Police Brutality

    3. Vote

    Politicians need to do better. People are hesitant to vote because they feel there are no good candidates to choose from. Others assume that their one singular vote won’t make any real change. This is part of the problem though. That type of inaction allowed Donald Trump to get elected in 2016.

    It would seem any chance he had of redeeming himself has gone far out the window by now. You might not think Joe Biden is the best option for President, but in reality, our only other option at the moment is the racist guy from the Apprentice.

    Follow this link to learn how to place an absentee vote for this year’s elections.

    2. Call/Email Elected Officials

    Another way to get active is by calling and emailing elected officials. Follow this link to learn who your local/state elected officials are and contact them. Let local elected officials know that the time for change is now.

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    You can contact them in regard to reforming the police/criminal justice system within your own area. Let them know about a specific bill or piece of legislation that you support or one that you don’t.

    1. Make Specific Demands

    Something Barack Obama brought up in his response to the murder of Geroge Floyd, that is a valid point, is the need to make specific demands for criminal justice and police reform. The more concrete demands for reform will be more difficult for elected officials to ignore. There needs to be specific calls for reform that follow/accompany the protests.

    Final Thoughts

    Protesting is a solid way to help spread the message of a movement. In order to lead to concrete change, accompanying/further steps must be taken though. The above list provides a few of the ways that you can help in the fight against police brutality. There is still much work to be done though. Other ways to help include making donations to important causes. Check out this HypeFresh article for a list of helpful places to make donations to.

    What are your guys’ thoughts though?

    Do you think these are some good ways to advocate against police brutality and racial inequality? And what other ways have you helped the movement or could you?


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