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    3 Revelations from The Tekashi69 Story Podcast

    Spotify and Complex teamed up to give viewers an inside look at the rise and fall of Tekashi69!

    The first episode of Infamous: The Tekashi 6ix9ine Story premiered yesterday, and it was full of new details. Spotify, in collaboration with Complex, produced the podcast series that will tell the story of Tekashi69 over eight episodes.

    Episode one debuted Tuesday, January 28th, and offers a glimpse into who Daniel Hernandez was before he became Tekashi69. Angie Martinez hosts the podcast that features commentary from the host,  and audio of people close to 6ix9ine. Additionally, there is supposed to be audio of wiretaps and phone calls from Tekashi while he was in prison.

    However, the first episode starts with audio of interviews of the people who knew Tekashi69 before he got famous.

    Tekashi69 Story Podcast-2

    One of the most revealing facts from the first episode of Infamous is that Tekashi69 lost his “real” father at just 13 years old. Tekashi69’s story isn’t unique in the sense that he is an inner-city kid that experienced some form of trauma at a young age. Yet it does give insight into what could have attributed to his outlandish behavior. People close to Tekashi back then say they noticed he changed and started acting out after his father passed.

    Another interesting fact about Tekashi that was shared is that his attention-seeking behavior wasn’t new.

    A little known fact about 6ix9ine is that he went “viral” before his music days with his vine videos.

    Furthermore, friends say the “Gummo” rapper would wear clothing strictly for “shock value.” So the fact that Teksashki did things in search of attention was more a part of his personality rather than a casualty of his fame.

    The last and probably most interesting fact from the podcast episode is the maturity people spoke of Tekashi69 had in regards to helping his mother. After losing his father at such a young age, people say the rapper responded by getting a job to help out his family. This is in total contradiction to the person portrayed by Daniel Hernandez pretended to be in Tekashi69. It is because Tekashi was working to help out his mom that he became a successful rapper. It’s quite sad to hear such good things about Tekashi69 and his admiration for his mother. The way the rapper disrespects women and people, in general, doesn’t show that a loving mother raised him.

    Tekashi69’s story is one that should be shared with children in ghettos across America.

    The world these children are growing up in telling them it’s ok, maybe even necessary, to do anything to get attention. Even more, it’s telling them a false narrative that if you can get attention, you can get rich and famous. While this may be the case for some, it’s not the standard or the norm. Daniel Hernandez was “Lucky” if you want to call it that now though, he has exposed himself and his family to dangers and circumstances that may never be able to escape.

    Hopefully, Tekashi69’s story doesn’t end in tragedy, and he came come out of this entire situation a better man. Maybe upon his release, Tekashi will use his platform to educate and inspire the youth the next generation to be better than he was. Time will tell

    What did you guys think of episode 1 of Infamous: the Tekashi69 story? Did you learn anything new about the rapper?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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