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    3 Most Surprising Grammy Awards 2022 Nomination Snubs

    I got a problem with the Grammys and it needs to be solved immediately. It’s not with the award show in its entirety. My beef is with their voting members. How is it that every year they find a way to mess up the nominations? After they announced the nominations on Tuesday evening, the Recording Academy proves that nothing has changed/improved.

    It’s a reason that Drake and The Weeknd keep pulling their submissions. They were tired of constantly being overlooked. And now look at them! They seem to be at their happiest, now that they aren’t solely making music to add to their accomplishments. Instead, they are at a point of absolute creative freedom and taking artistic risks that they would’ve never taken before.

    I didn’t say all of that to give credit to the Grammys either. I’m more so trying to point out how their decisions led big hitters to lose faith in their system. For many people, the Grammy’s just feels like a big ‘ol popularity contest. And now even more people feel this way after Tuesday.

    For that very reason, I wanted to highlight 3 artists that were snubbed from the Grammys  2023 nominations.

    1. Summer Walker

    Do you want to hear something crazy? Summer Walker had the biggest R&B album in 2019 (Over It) and arguably this year with Still Over It. And neither one of those great albums has been nominated for 1 category in the Grammys in their respective years. What’s up with that?

    She even broke one of Beyoncé’s records, which is basically unheard of. I don’t know what more the voting board expects from her. We have seen people win an award for doing even less. I’m not even complaining about the fact that she’s never taken home a Grammy. But to highlight the fact that she isn’t even worth a singular nomination in their eyes.

    2. Brent Faiyaz

    Speaking of slept-on artists, Brent Faiyaz was also another surprising snub. This charming young R&B artist has been putting everybody on notice ever since he stepped on the scene on “Crew”. In my opinion, his album Wastleland included one of the best songs in the 2020s with “Gravity”. That song just felt like it stopped time when it dropped, especially when it was included in the last season of “Insecure.”

    Essentially, what I am trying to say is a Grammy can’t validate the cultural impact that Brent is bringing to music right now. Seeing Brent and Summer not be nominated is why my generation doesn’t take the Grammys seriously. I think we might reach a point where the next generation won’t care about all the award shows at all.

    3. Vince Staples

    My last entry is the one that left me most shocked. Real ones know Vince Staples had the hip-hop album of the year. Yup, even over Kendrick Lamar. Like seriously, I get the Kendrick mom, but the DJ Khaled one makes zero sense. Every summer he makes some microwave album filled with the most possible forgettable songs.

    They overlook him every year because he refuses to conform to their standards and make radio music. His last album is just an undeniable piece of work, especially the songs that are produced by DJ Mustard. The fact that he gave us two back-to-back flawless albums means nothing to the Grammys. I like Jack Harlow like the next person. But if he goes home with any awards, we might get a re-do of the Macklemore fiasco.


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