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    3 Lessons Learned From The Astroworld Tragedy

    A festival now dubbed the Astroworld tragedy meant to bring people together only brought tragedy and death. The Festival was gonna become a yearly event run by Travis Scott. Held in Houston, Texas, close to the former site of Six Flags Astroworld.

    After the deaths of nine people on the first day of the Astroworld tragedy, day two got canceled. The aftermath of this tragedy is still under police investigation. It became one of the deadliest events at an American concert since the 2017 mass shooting at a country music festival in Vegas.

    Furthermore, to avoid circumstances of a tragedy like this happening again. Here are a few things that needed to be learned.

    Pay Attention To Warnings

    As reported by the New York Post Houston Police Chief Troy Finner went to the Atroworld Festival grounds, visited Scott himself. Moreover to voice his many concerns revolving around public safety just a few days before the tragedy took place.

    Take Extra Measures If Taking Children Along

    Sadly one of the victims of the Astroworld tragedy was a 10-year-old. When children attend these kinds of festivities, the safety measures used for adults won’t simply be enough. Besides many legal risks revolve around children and photographs and the background checks of those in staff who worked with these children.

    Always Follow NFPA Guidelines

    While pre-production is happening throughout. It is imperative to make sure staff is aware of the National Fire Protection Association’s crowd density guidelines. This helps so that the structure of the stage be built according to the NFPA and make it accessible to the crowd and the exits become visible. Moreover, some event producers go as far as to create pens around the stage breaking the crowds into smaller sections. This helps staff and the crowd to move more and help officials move in case of an emergency.



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