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    3 90s Rap Songs that Call out Police Brutality

    Throwback Rap That Doesn’t Hold Back

    This past week has seen protests all across the country in response to the most recent murders of black citizens by law enforcement. Sadly, this is nothing new in the United States. Police brutality aimed at the black community and people has been going for decades now. Rap is an outlet where people can let their voices be heard.

    There are current rappers who speak about police brutality. Check out this other HypeFresh article for a list of recent rap songs that call out America’s racist system. But there are also multiple 90s rap songs that do the very same thing.

    3 90s Rap Songs about Police Brutality

    1. Tupac “Trapped”

    If you know 90s rap then you have surely heard of Tupac. In this track, Pac discusses the feeling of being trapped in his own community. The songs speak about the messed-up system that allows for police brutality to take place.

    When people are arrested they are thrown into an even more messed up situation. Sadly, the system back then and currently doesn’t attempt to rehabilitate people back into society. Check out the music video for the song below.

    This isn’t Tupac’s only track discussing police brutality and the need to improve black lives in America. A couple of other tracks that discuss similar material include “Changes” and “Keep Ya Head Up”.

    1. KRS-One “Sound of Da Police”

    Although he isn’t as known on the mainstream as Tupac is, true fans of rap recognize KRS-One and his absolute skills on the mic. 

    Even if you don’t know who KRS-One is, you will likely recognize the catchy and famous chorus of this song. “Sound of Da Police” references the fear of cops. Ironically police officers can often act as if they’re above the law and enact police brutality on black people with no real repercussions. Who’s the real criminal?

    1. N.W.A. “F**k the Police”

    When one thinks of 90s rap tracks that call out police brutality “F**k the Police” by N.W.A. instantly comes to mind. This song is an anthem of cops going after people simply for being black.

    There is a clear frustration felt in the song. Cops have an unfair judgment towards black people. Just based off where people in the group are from like Ice Cube, the cops already have an unfair prejudice about him. What’s even worse is that they can treat people so poorly and face no punishment.

    Final Thoughts

    What do you guys have to say though?

    Do you enjoy these 90s rap songs and the messages that the Tupac, KRS-One, and N.W.A. deliver? And what other throwback rap songs do you know that speak about police brutality within the United States?

    Leave a comment below to let us know what you think!


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