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    2nd K-Pop Star Commits Suicide, Goo Hara Found Dead

    A K-Pop Tragedy, Goo Hara Found Dead

    Pop Star Commits Suicide-1

    On Sunday, November 24th, K-Pop icon Goo Hara was found dead in her apartment after a maid came to clean her residence. Police have determined that her cause of death was a suicide. Sadly, this the second K-Pop star that has killed themselves within the past month. The first one was Sulli, a close friend of Goo Hara, who ended her life in early October. Because of these deaths, people are starting to look into what made these Idols want to end their lives. There is speculation that it’s the work culture of the K-pop industry. Others believe it can be the verbal abuse that social media has to offer. But what if it’s a combination of the two of them?

    Too Much Pressure

    Most K-Pop starts start out trying for their dreams when they are in their early teens in hopes of getting accepted by an agency after a tryout. A huge downside to this is that a K-pop star can fall from the top as quickly as they rose to it. Most artists are considered “old” by the time they hit their mid 20’s since there is always a new up and coming star. As a result, this creates a huge amount of pressure for the stars which can lead to extreme cases of anxiety.

    Unnecessary Comments

    Social Media is a place where people can taunt someone online and not have to deal with the consequences. Because of this, people will often post insensitive things bout someone that they wouldn’t say in person. A primary target of these verbal harassments is celebrity icons, including K-Pop stars. This causes them to be targeted about anything, ranging from their musical talent to their personal lives. This constant harassment can lower someone’s overall image of themselves, despite their success.

    Do you guys think that these could be what caused these K-Pop starts to end their lives? Or is it something else?

    Lastly, Feel Free to post your thoughts below and let us know what future content you would like us to cover.

    Have a good day.

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