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Meet 24hrs

Words: Jasmine Johnson, hypefresh.

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I came across 24hrs on Twitter and searched his music on Soundcloud and found out his voice is on a whole-nuther level. With his singles that feature Ty Dolla $ign, Wiz, Gucci Mane and more, he will be one of the few R&B artists who knows his passion is within music. He recently was on tour where Ye Ali was the opener and both artists gave such dope performances.

In my humble opinion, Twenty is one of the most underrated artists you’ll see in the music scene. Ty Dolla $ign recently said that Twenty is one of his most favorite artists out right now. With a T-Pain similarity in his vocal quality, Twenty’s music is something that you can vibe to on a late night.

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One of my favorite songs is “What You Like.” I’ve been a fan when it first came out on Soundcloud and since it made a reveal onto music platforms. This is a summer song where you can chill with your friends by the poolside with. As part of the Private Club Records with MadeInTYO, I feel like his career is going up from here with several feature appearances and collaborations over the course of time with many well-known artists.

With his recent EP, he brings a completely different sound and wave as a rapper and singer combined! The melodies, vibes and his charismatic flow is what makes him stand out more as an artist. Twenty has been out for some time and I’m glad he’s getting the recognition he deserves for his music and creativity. I can’t wait until the joint collab of $24.00 with Ty Dolla $ign and many more projects he has in the works.

If you haven’t listened to ‘What You Like’, please feel free to do so below.


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