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    21 Savage’s Past Immigration Litigation Charge Lands Him In Jail

    Some stars have one to many run ins with the law. Rapper 21 Savage has certainly become a target of interest by the police. With each run in, his troubles with the police continue to get worse. Recently, authorities arrested and held the UK rapper in custody on several charges, including an Immigration Litigation charge. Though, the police didn’t hold the rapper for very long. 21 Savage remained behind bars for only 12 minutes before making bail. Turns out, the rapper has a good lawyer.

    21 Savage Goes To Jail For 12 Minutes For A Past Immigration Litigation Charge

    Immigration Litigation Charges
    via ABC News

    It’s not everyday that someone goes to jail, only to have authorities release them within minutes. However, in the world of the rich and famous, anything is possible. Recently, 21 Savage turned himself in last Thursday after police issued out warrants for him on drug and weapon charges in Dekalb County in Atlanta, GA. Furthermore, police held the Grammy-award winning rapper in jail for no more than 12 minutes.

    Unfortunately, 21 Savage has became a person of interest by the police due to a 2019 immigration litigation case. During which time, the Immigration and Customs Enforcers (ICE) arrested 21 Savage. Furthermore, the UK rapper went into custody for overstaying his visa in America.

    In talks with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the ICE agents admitted that 21 Savage had been a part of a “target operation.” According to the organization, the agents had reason to believe he’s a “unlawfully present United Kingdom national.” However, 21 Savage told Good Morning America that he had no idea what a Visa even looked like. While the rapper was born in New England, he moved to Atlanta at 7 years old. Of course, the star had no way of knowing just what he’d done wrong.

     His Lawyer Saves The Day

    Immigration Litigation Charges
    via NBC Connecticut

    According to 21 Savage’s lawyer Charles Kuck, the rapper’s parents overstayed their work visas. “Like nearly 2 million children, he was left without legal status through no fault of his own.” The rapper’s lawyer couldn’t be more right.

    Kuck went on to address the wrongful nature of the current and past cases against his client. In a statement released to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Kuck noted that the charges stacked against 21 Savage plainly show the law system’s discrimination against young black men. “There’s no legitimate basis for these charges nor for ICE’s continued antics. We will fight until my client is justly vindicated,” Kuck told the publication. Clearly, having a great lawyer pays off in the end.

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