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    21 Savage & Nas’s “One Mic, One Gun” Was Already In The Works

    21 Savage has received nonstop backlash about his commentary towards Nas’ relevancy. Even after clarifying his comments, he still got put in the doghouse. Apparently, the rapper just can’t win. Though, 21 Savage has set the record straight again.

    Recently, 21 Savage and Nas dropped a collaborative record “One Mic, One Gun.” Fans have since taken their recent collab as the two rappers squashing their beef. Though, 21 Savage claimed that their new track was already in the works long before anyone knew.

                21 Savage Claims He And Nas Are Cool With Each Other

    In rap music, rappers diss each other all the time. Whether it be in a song or on social media, some rappers just have to downplay another person’s skills on the mic. Recently, 21 Savage claimed that legendary NY emcee Nas was no longer relevant in today’s world. Apparently, rap aficionados and Nas fans alike didn’t care for his commentary. Many of them even accused 21 Savage of disrespecting the GOAT rapper.

    Recently, they dropped their first ever collaborative track “One Mic, One Gun” last Tuesday. Pretty sure everyone was confused by this move. 21 Savage really gave fans whiplash after he took to Clubhouse to share that him and Nas are cool with one another. Guess the fans can relax now and stop with the backlash.

                The Record Has Already Been In The Works

    One mic, One Gun
    via Indie Shuffle

    It’s one thing to find out that Nas and 21 Savage have no beef after all. Though, it’s entirely another to find out the two artists have been fans of each other’s work. They even exchanged phone numbers.

    In the continuation of the Clubhouse chat, 21 Savage went on to say that their recent collab has been in the works for a while now. Looks like we’ve just been bamboozled. Let’s hope these two really are close friends and that it’s not just another publicity stunt.


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