Drake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a songDrake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a song

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    Drake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a songDrake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a song

    2019-20 NBA Season Restart: What to Expect

    2019-20 NBA Season Restart

    The 2019-20 NBA season has been on a hiatus since the beginning of March. This came shortly after players throughout the league including Rudy Gobert & Donovan Mitchel among others, tested positive for the Coronavirus. During this time off there were talks of potential scenarios for when and how the 2019-20 NBA season restart would take place.

    The NBA recently confirmed that the regular season would resume on July 31st. There have been some changes implemented. Read below for further details on the specifics of the 2019-20 NBA season restart.

    The Regular Season

    There will be a total of 22 teams playing in the conclusion of the regular season. These teams will each be playing eight more games before the playoffs begin. The teams chosen to compete are the 16 teams that are currently in playoff positions as well as the six other teams that are closest behind.

    The remainder of the games will most likely take place at a single location in the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando. The players will be staying on-site during this time.


    The teams with the best record in each conference will clinch the top 7 seeds. There will be the usual tie-breaker scenarios or a potential play-in tournament for the eighth spot. Check out the NBA website for a further description of the play-in tournament.

    2019-2020 NBA season restart 2020-21 NBA season
    Playoff standings of NBA titles favorite via ESPN

    After the 8 seeds are set the playoffs will resume to normal play. This includes a conference based-format featuring a best-of-seven series in each round leading up to The Finals.

    NBA Schedule Up Until the 2020-21 NBA Season

    The 2019-20 NBA season features new dates for things including the NBA Draft 2020 among others. Give the list below a read to see what you can expect.

          • June 22: Coronavirus testing begins
          • July 31: NBA season resumes
          • August 25: NBA Draft Lottery 2020
          • October 15: NBA Draft 2020
          • October 12: The NBA Finals are set to end no later than this date
          • October 18: Free agency begins
          • November 10: Training camps for 2020-21 campaign begin
          • December 1: 2020-21 NBA season starts

    Final Thoughts: Is This The Right Call?

    Although I’m sure people are pumped to hear that the NBA is back, I wonder if it is the right call. The NBA playoffs are a thrill to watch, but I am not sure how safe of a call it is to have them at the moment. I understand that the NBA is trying to get things back on track, but one must think about what the cost is. Basketball is a sport that involves constant close contact. After Rudy Gobert tested positive for Coronovarius back in March, the NBA was quick to shut things down. What will happen if players begin testing positive once the season resumes? This could just allow for the virus to spread throughout the league.

    I personally feel that the billionaire owners of the NBA should focus on supporting their employee’s health and livelihoods, instead of on a speedy return to the season. In a perfect world, everything would be able to go back to normal right now, but sadly that’s not the case.

    What are your guy’s thoughts though?

    Are you ready for the 2019-20 NBA season restart? Who do you think is winning the NBA Finals this year? And do you believe that resuming the season is the right/ safe call?

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    Drake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a songDrake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a song

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