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    20 Men Arrested From “Hoova” Music Video

    The world of entertainment is seen as reality.

    Earlier this year, rapper Maxo Kream and NFL Cartel Bo shot visuals for “Hoova”. Two months ago the Houston Maxo Kream dropped the video “Roaches”.

    The video was just like your normal hip-hop videos, violence, women, and money. According to a source, some of the individuals in the video were familiar gang member along with rapper.

    Several of these individuals have open warrants and are bond from the use of firearms. What’s more shocking is that the video scenes with firearms took place right across from an elementary school.

    Kids captured in the video on purpose, along with some weapons previously stolen. Two months after the initial release of the video, law enforcement used

    In addition, 20 men are with illegal use of a weapon. Some individuals are currently on the run!

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