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    2 Milly Is Suing The Pants Off Of Epic Games For Theft Of “Milly Rock”

    2 Milly created the wildly popular dance, the “Milly Rock,” and he wants his cut of the check from Epic Games.

    Epic Games used the rapper’s dance in their “Fortnite,” without receiving clearance. Milly filed the lawsuit against the gaming company on Wednesday.

    David L. Hecht is representing Milly, whose from New York, in the lawsuit. He had this to say:

    Fornite has millions of users, and their profits reflect millions of dollars made.

    Back in 2014, 2 Milly created the song “Milly Rock x 2 Milly”, which shows the popular dance. Coincidentally, Fortnite characters perform the same dance in the battle game.
    Epic Games has been accused of misappropriation, use, and sale before. They haven’t responded for any comments.

    Hecht said the company can not continue to rip ideas and culture from people, without repercussions.


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