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2 Chainz Enters the Marijuana Industry to Bring High Quality Sensations

2 Chainz

2 Chainz, the Atlanta rapper, is stretching his talents to reach further than the music industry. It’s been found out that 2 Chainz is entering the business of green kush. He’s partnering with Green Street Agency, a cannabis creative agency, to bring a high-quality brand of marijuana to the market. They’re calling it Gas Cannabis Co. 

Gas Cannabis Co. will carry pre-rolls and packages of marijuana that weight 3.5 ounces. “I know quality Gas by the look, the feel, the smoke,” 2 Chainz explained via a statement. “Gas stands for one thing, and you’ll know it when you experience it. It’s top-end, but at an affordable price, because I want everyone to be able to understand that Gas is the real fire.” Chainz has been rapping about his love of the green good stuff for years, so it makes sense that he attempt to make a business out of it.

“Working with 2 Chainz is a natural fit for our company, he is a true connoisseur,” said Alan Spiegel, co-owner of Westside Station dispensary in Van Nuys, California. Spiegel, is excited to team with the rapper in their latest endeavor to bring quality weed to the forefront. Gas Cannabis Co. will serve three strands of high-quality marijuana. The 87 line will be “the most affordable,” while the 89 Gas line is meant for people who want a “supercharged and powerful” but a “smooth ride.” Then there’s the 93 line, which is naturally the highest quality.

California is known for it’s legalization of marijuana, both as medicinal and recreational purposes. The partnership will work directly from California.

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Jason Momoa light ups the Aquaman premiere with a Haka

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa, along with Aquaman cast members, performed a Haka at the Aquaman premiere.

A Haka is a ceremonial Maori dance. You can also find the video below.

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Janet Jackson joins the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

Janet Jackson
La Times

Janet Jackson  has joined the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame this year.

According to ENews, Jackson will be joining artists like Radiohead and Stevie Nicks as members of the prestigious group. She sent out a tweet, thanking her supporters.

Janet Jackson truly deserves her induction is the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. She was one of the biggest RnB artists in the 80’s and 90’s, and helped define the genre for that era.

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Spaceship.. Virgil Abloh You Want to Design A What??


A spaceship??

The creative Virgil Abloh has made a name for himself in the world of fashion.

Over the years the designer has continued to evolve, putting his own touch the very things that inspire him.

Virgil’s next line of design will focus around Michael Jackson.  The Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton will be sure to come up with something amazing!!

In the most current issue of Interview, the fashion visionary claims that music is the inspiration behind his work.

He even went as far as saying that he wants to design a spaceship!

Stay tuned to, for the latest in culture and music news.

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Viral Hip Hop

Viral Hip Hop

Viral Hip Hop


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