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    2 Chainz Announces Last Trap Album

    2 Chainz Says No More Trap Music 

    2 Chainz is always evolving. The music industry is where most rappers get their fan base. However, time and time again rappers like Chainz find different ways to keep their fans engaged and entertained.

    In fact, 2 Chainz revealed that his next LP will be his last trap album. The Atlanta legend tweeted:

    “This gone be my last trap album, enjoy.”

    The concept for the album is currently unknown. It follows the November release of his last project, ‘So Help Me God.’ In addition, reports teased that he and Lil Wayne are working on the follow up to Collegrove.

    Chainz’ Contribution to Trap

    The rapper, also known as Tity Boi, remained silent about his upcoming Trap album, yet fans can reflect on his Trap legacy. 2 Chainz released a number of Trap albums during his rap career. The albums include ‘Based on a T.R.U. Story’ (2012),’B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time’ (2013), ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music’ (2017), ‘Rap or Go to the League. Moreover, he released ten mixtapes and four EPs.

    From Rapper to Businessman

    No one quite knows what Chainz has up his sleeve, but he implied where his interest lies. 

    Earlier this month, he announced that he made an investment into a solar technology company. 

    “So I invested in this company that basically takes the suns energy and packages it up for reuse even at night kinda like a sun refinery,” he said.

    Fans and the culture are anticipating some lyrical bops from 2 Chainz. Hopefully the big reveal will happen sometime soon. 


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