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    Black Voices In Country: Amazon Presents ‘For Love & Country’

    Societal stigmas says country music is cardinally and socially exclusive to a particular race. However, Black artists in the shadows of the country genre are coming to the light. Music is a getaway, and for the artists who create the music, it is an expression of the art.

    Amazon Music announces “For Love and Country”, an original documentary. The documentary will examine the evolution through the lens of a new generation of Black artists.

    For Love and Country

    “Country Music has always been black music.”

    The informative film will include interviews and performances from Jimmie Allen, Blanco Brown, breakthrough artist for Amazon Music, BRELAND, Shy Carter, Micky Guyton, Willie Jones and Willie Jones. A few more to name include Valerie June, Amythyst Kiah, Reyna Robersons, Allison Russell, Brittney Spencer and Frankie Staton. Tipping the cup over with a plethora of talent, the show will educate and mildly protest discrimination in the music industry.

    Renowned director and and photographer, Joshua Kissi, creates a safe space for Black artists to be who they are through their music, country music. The trailer uncovers the lofty standards and bias of the country genre in the music industry. Although prejudices loom, these Black musicians prove that there are no limits to being Black, even in music.

    The Dichotomy of Country Music and Black Talent

    Despite this, Black artists are shedding light on their talents and the likes of the common talents that surround them. The Black country music community is surprisingly vast; however, there are barriers that music breaks.

    “There is a shift happening, There is a whole new sound.”‘

    Country music tell stories, and Black artists just want to join in on the storytelling. The documentary is a poignant narrative springing out of country music’s domicile, Nashville, Tennessee. Although some oppose the singing of the genre by Black artists, there are so many more who can’t wait to relish  in the new sound.

    The world is evolving, music is evolving. Black artists who speak up by putting their talents and fears on the front line are more likely to be heard. For example, the artists aforementioned. The film is set to premiere on April 7 on Amazon Music.



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