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    11-Year-Old Marley Dias Starts Her Own Book Drive To Find Books That Black Girls Can Relate To

    Marley Dias has a point, growing up the stories that are read or taught in class have mainly white characters as the main characters. Dias told that“I was frustrated… in fifth grade where I wasn’t reading [books with] a character that I could connect with…”

    Dias, a sixth grader from New Jersey, wants to read about characters that connect with her. Dias’ mom told reporters that she’s “sick of reading books about white boys and dogs.”

    When her mom asked what Dias was going to do about it, Dias first wanted to create a book guide which would feature black characters. Dias decided to take her initial idea and expand it, and make it big so that many African-American girls could find characters to relate to.

    She started #1000BlackGirlBooks in November, which is her book drive which has black girls as the main characters in the story, and not just the sidekick to someone. Dias plans on collecting 1,000 books by February 1st, and then go to her mom’s home country of Jamaica and host a book festival and donate books.

    “I know there’s a lot of black girl books out there, I just haven’t read them,” Dias said. “So if we started this I would find them and other people would be able to read them, as well.”


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