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    10Digits – Believe it EP

    Lush layers of synth, driven electronic beats, gritty bass tones and future funk grooves: these are the main ingredients to the 10Digits sonic recipe! They are genre-defying elements that echoes forward-thinking pioneers of modern electronic music.

    The powerful “Believe it (EP)” features five unique tracks that blend genres as diverse as progressive / deep / tech house, soul and disco, not only bridging the gaps between different sounds and ideas, but managing to catalyze everything brilliantly through some killer production aesthetics.

    The opening number “Back in Black” is pure sonic fireworks: the song progressively bursts into a climax, engaging the listeners with powerful rhythm sections as well as funk-oriented synth lines. From the sweeping synth riffs to the saturated bass tones and steady kick / snare gameplay, this track is a pure club banger.

    The following song “Just Stay Right Here” showcases some really classic house sounds, with great vocal hooks, relatable melodies and fantastic build-ups. This is the kind of track that manages to remain original and palatable. Sure, you might have heard those chords before, but It’s all about personality, and 10digits had it all figured out.

    The third song on the setlist, “Believe it” features vocalist Andres Sierra, and it adds some truly cool disco / pop vibes to the EP. The song is followed by “Pain Our Way”, featuring talented singer Monday Blake. The song sounds like it could have been played at a Chicago club during the golden age: minimalistic arrangements, great sounds and lots of punch for a track that is impressive for its genius expressed through simplicity.

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