100,000 Corona Virus Deaths Worldwide

100,000 Corona Virus Deaths Worldwide

In just a few months, the coronavirus has changed everything. What started out as just affecting one country has now become a worldwide pandemic. The world was underprepared, and it is only going to get worse. At the moment, there are over 100,000 deaths that are due to coronavirus worldwide. And there has been a total of 1.6 million cases. As we speak, our nation’s leaders. Area trying their best to fight against this pandemic.

100,000 Corona Virus Deaths Worldwide

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was taken out of intensive care this Thursday. His office has reported that he is still residing at the hospital as the government decides on whether or not to extend lockdown. This Friday, the country reached of record of 980 deaths in one day. This adds to the death count of almost 9,000, with around 74,000 confirmed cases.

In Italy, Prime minister Giuseppe Conte spoke on Friday evening that after April 14th, some commercial businesses would be able to resume operations. Among this list are children’s clothing stores, bookshops, and forestry-related jobs. All other nonessential companies are to remain in lockdown until May 3rd. Italy was one of the first spots in Europe to get hit with the Coronavirus. So the fact that things are beginning to slow down means there is hope for the rest of us.

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