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    Woman in South Africa Gets Attacked by Hippo!

    A woman was close to losing her leg after being attacked by a 10,000-pound hippo while on vacation in South Africa, according to reports

    Kristen Yaldor and her husband Ryan Yaldor were on vacation in Zimbabwe, Africa when their canoe was capsized by a lurking mother hippo. The married couple was on a safari excursion when Wild Horizon guides noticed a group of hippos nearby. Tour operators said the hippo dragged Yaldor below after she attempted to swim ashore.

    As a result of the attack, Yaldor was left with a fractured femur. She was airlifted for medical assistance to a hospital in Johannesburg. Yaldor has had multiple surgeries and will possibly need more.

    Check below to see the full video.

    Would you have kept going after the first sight of the hippos? Leave your thoughts.

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