10 Questions With Rising London Recording Artist, Akua Konamah

10 Questions With Rising London Recording Artist Akua Konamah

One of the UK’s leading ladies in acoustic music, Akua Konamah, has released her highly anticipated EP CONSUME ME.

With support and an exclusive premiere of her lead single Only U from BBC Introducing’s Gary Crowley, Consume Me follows a whirl wind year of live performances across the country, a spot in the 2013 Jump Off Final, as well as the major highlight of viral success though her acoustic mash ups of two of 2014’s UK hit tracks, Krept & Konan’s ‘Don’t waste my time’ and Meridian Dan’s ‘German Whip’.

At just 21 Akua Konamah has developed a unique sound, combining the raw sound of her guitar with a blend of sultry vocals, influenced by inspirations such as Alicia Keys, Sade, Ashanti and Estelle.

HYPEFRESH® Magazine’s Curator – Clark Kennedy, took the time to sit down with rising South London recording artist, Akua Konamah. All that was needed? 10 questions. HF® gets to know more about the talented indie pop star, who talks about her life in the studio, and outside interests as well. Check out the conversation, and don’t forget to leave your comments in the box below!

So let’s start this interview off by getting to know you. Tell the world who Akua Konamah is, and how you got your start in the music.

I’m 22 year old, South London girl born to Ghanaian parents and I’ve grown up doing music.

I played the piano and clarinet in my school years and from the ages of 14-15, I started to write my own songs, produce backing tracks and I would perform anywhere given the opportunity.

What was it that inspired you to become a Musician and singer? Was it a life experience or something different?


Since I was a child I wanted to be musician. I loved music and I was fascinated by instruments. I was lucky to have piano and clarinet lessons in my school years and I had music teachers who really supported and encouraged me. From 14-15 I went to an after school group that had a studio and production software, so I would write songs and produce the backing tracks, as at the time I didn’t know any producers. I remember the first real song I wrote and produced was called ‘hooked’. I was so proud of it; I sang it to all my friends.

Also Seeing UK artists like Miss Dynamite and Estelle, make the impact they made was also really inspiring.

Listening to your EP thats available to the public now, I would have to say my favourite is “only you”. What was the creative process in making this awesome record?


Only U came so effortlessly. Its produced by Fidel Rosales aka Funkiipapa and I co-wrote it with an up and coming artist called Mimsi.

We were listening to Twin Sister – Meet the Frownies and I wanted to make something a little bit different.

So I starting playing around with interesting chord progressions on the guitar and I found one which I liked. Then I started to play around with melodies and riffs and all lyrics were written in a matter of a few hours.

What’s your primary purpose behind your passion that goes into your craft that people may not know of… (as of yet, but will after you answer!)

Doing music gives me such a buzz and I feel fulfilled when I can express myself through songs and performances.

Music give me a sense of purpose, everybody likes to be part of something bigger, and I get that kick from getting up on stage and performing.

I have to create and music just happens to be my outlet.

I’d go crazy if I was able to write songs. Songwriting is very therapeutic.

Let’s talk about your future goals… If we were to have this interview 2 years from now, what would be your accomplishments we would discuss?

I’d like to have a top ten album in the UK and abroad. I’d like to have performed at festivals in the UK and overseas, I’d be touring and hopefully signed to Major Label.

 Akua Konamah is multi-talented, harboring many gifts outside of just being a singer. Instrumentalist, composer, songwriter & vocalist. It’s hard for the naysayers to hate , when she’s so damn good at what she does.[/caption]

Give us your favourite song that you’ve written as of recently…

I’ve written a song called ‘Remember’ and its all about reminiscing about a better time.

Recently, I also took part in a writers camp where we were given instrumentals to write songs to and we wrote 4 songs in a day.

When you’re not in the studio, what’s your interest? Whats some of the things you love to do daily?

I love walking by the river,

Spending time with friends and family.

Going to the gym

Watching TV

Going out to eat. I LOVE food.

How often do practice on a daily? And what’s your rehearsal regimen like?

I try to practice and play everyday and when I have a gig, I’ll rehearse everything as If I was playing the gig, there and then.

Are you currently touring, or have the intentions to tour anytime soon to promote your newly released EP?

Over the last couple of months I have being performing in venues in and around London, promoting the EP and I’ll be doing that for a while.

Last Question. Give other aspiring artists some wisdom that may help their journey in the world of music… The floor is yours!

  • Your team is everything
  • Do what you do with love and passion
  • Work on your craft and never lose sight of your dreams
  • Things happen at the right time so keep at it.


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